Real Wood Veneer Wallcoverings by AAM are available in over 100 different species.

Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering®

Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® comprises natural or recon wood veneer sliced 300% thinner than traditional veneer laminated and balanced on a Technoform® metal foil substrate. The veneer is then prefinished with 2 coats water based urethane. The result is an extremely durable, flexible, Class A Fire Rated, pre-finished wood wallcovering

Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® can be installed directly to primed drywall like regular vinyl wallcovering, using clay based adhesive. Since the product is prefinished, the install time is quick and space can be available for use in a matter of a few days.

There are over 100 species to select from, (most available from inventory), with fast turn around on customs such as dye's, stains and lustre. Real Wood Veneer Wallcovering is supplied book matched as standard in 3' x 10' sheets. Custom sheet sizes are available.

Real Wood Veneers Teak FC


Select from our standard range of Real Wood Veneers or choose a custom specie and stain color.



CSI Specification: Real Wood Veneers - Wallcovering

CSI compliant specifications in MS Word Format.

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Specie Charts

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Real Wood Veneers Species

Installation Instructions

Download our standard installation instructions. The download format is PDF.

Installation Instructions

Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® - Installation

Installing Real Wood Veneers’® Wood Veneer Wallcovering

Please read these instructions prior to installation. If you have any questions regarding the installation procedures contained herein, contact your local Real Wood Veneers’ Wallcovering Distributor or call Real Wood Veneers LLC. at 844-307-9571.

The installation process is very important to the finish quality of Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering®. Surface preparation, adhesive and primer selection, environmental conditions and quality of workmanship are the key elements for a successful installation. Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® comes from the factory prefinished with urethane sealer and finish.

Inspection of Product

Please inspect for damage before signing acceptance of product. If damage is noted, please advise freight carrier immediately when signing for the product from the freight carrier. Do NOT commence installation if damage is evident as this will negate the warranty.

Examine all sheets of Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® upon receipt for quality and compliance with the approved specification before storing or starting installation. Any shortage of material must be reported within two (2) days after receipt of material and prior to commencement of installation.

The installing contractor must verify that the correct specified species of wallcovering is present on the job site. Furthermore, the installer must also review the hanging instructions that accompany each delivery of wallcovering. If there is failure to follow the specifier's supplied wall finish schedule Real Wood Veneers LLC., and our distributors, assume NO responsibility for any incorrect hanging locations, incorrect wallcovering species numbers and species grains that are hung in the wrong orientation or out of sequence.


Real Wood Veneers’ should be kept in the manufacturer's packaging until 48 hours before installation. Store in a clean, dry, secure area that has low humidity and a stable temperature range of 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Environmental Conditions

Areas to receive Real Wood Veneers’ should be environmentally controlled by the permanent HVAC system. Maintain a temperature range of 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with not more than 55% relative humidity and not less than what is specified for your area in the AWI Quality Standards, for a period of not less than four (4) days prior to installation and maintained thereafter.

Preparation of Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering®

Remove Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® sheets from the box and allow the sheets to acclimate to the environment for approximately 48 hours. Lay the sheets flat and face down on a table and cover with a sheet of vinyl. Place a sheet of plywood on top of the vinyl cover. This will help the sheets relax.

After initial inspection, arrange Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® sheets as they are to be installed; in numerical sequence as labeled on the back of each sheet. Along with the sequence number, each sheet also has a flitch number printed on the back. The printed label is at the BOTTOM of the sheet. All sheets should be installed in sequence order and in the same direction with all "bottoms" down or all "bottoms" up based on appearance preference. In most cases, the installation should start at the top left descending left to right, on 9' or 10' walls.


Prime all surfaces with specified primer by Roman Decorating Products. Prime all surfaces according to manufacturer's directions. For best results, apply primer with a roller and let cure at least two (2) days before installing Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering®. Call Roman Decorating Products for application questions and technical information related to recommended Roman primers - at 708-891-0770 ( Consult your Real Wood Veneers Distributor, or contact Real Wood Veneers LLC., for the Real Wood Veneers Distributor in your area before proceeding with any unusual conditions.

The use of the primer will prevent the adhesive from being excessively absorbed into the drywall and stop dry pockets. Additionally, a primer promotes strip-ability to Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® material. Moisture content in the wall substrate should be in a range of 7% to 9% or less. Check with a moisture meter if necessary.

If a situation is encountered where the walls were previously painted or primed, the surface should be lightly sanded to break the seal prior to applying Roman Primer. One test strip of Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® should be installed to assure a strong bond between the existing paint/primer and the Roman primer before proceeding with the installation. Any failure caused by the existing painted/primed surface is the responsibility of the installing contractor and not of Real Wood Veneers LLC or Roman Decorating Products.

Specification for Optimum Installation – New Dry-Wall:

Specification for Optimum Installation – Existing Dry-Wall:*

* The combination of the Roman Rx-35 Sealing Primer and PRO-977 Primer will adequately seal the dry wall surface and provide a minimum Level 4 surface smoothness needed for optimum installation of the wood veneers (i.e., eliminate bubbling, edge curling, seam lifting, telegraphing of substrate imperfections, etc…). The inclusion of the Roman PRO-935 (R-35) Primer is to provide the added anchoring for the adhesive.

DO NOT use clear or clear strippable type adhesives.

Prepare wall surface as specified before beginning and use ONLY specified adhesive(s). APPLY ADHESIVE AT FULL STRENGTH - thin to desired consistency by whipping or stirring. DO NOT DILUTE ADHESIVE. Apply a uniform layer of adhesive to the back of the Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® sheets with standard 3/8 to 3/4 inch nap paint roller, making sure there are no uncoated areas. Book the sheets for 5 minutes before hanging. Allow the proper time for adhesive to tack after it has been applied to the back of the sheets. This is important to prevent bubbling after installation. It is suggested that the installer test an area first to determine if an adhesive size is needed.

Installing Real Wood Veneers’ Natural Wood Wallcovering

Apply the sheets to the wall in sequence, filling in over doors and windows from consecutive sheets. After applying each sheet on the wall, smooth with an acrylic smoothing tool, or with smoothing tools which will not harm the finish, but ensure that all air bubbles are eliminated and there is a good bond between the Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® and the substrate. Smooth entire surface area of the sheet to ensure all air pockets are eliminated. Air bubbles must be removed, and installation errors corrected, before the adhesive dries. Remove excess adhesive from each sheet as you progress prior to installing the next sheet. Use a clean, moist, natural sponge to remove excess adhesive and dry surface with a lint free towel. It is very important to change water frequently so as to maintain cleanliness and to avoid “streaking” of the adhesive on the veneer surface. DO NOT install Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® with temporary lighting. Installation with permanent lighting is recommended. Sufficient lighting will enable the installer to see air pockets or bubbles and other installation problems that may occur.

Factory trimmed edges must NOT be butt jointed during installation. Overlap and double cut all seams with a razor blade. Vertical joints should not occur less than three inches (3”) from all outside and inside corners, based on the corner being in square. Leaving Real Wood Veneers’ overlapped at the seams is not acceptable. Change the blade with every sheet.

The following holds true on all corners that are square. Wrapping an outside corner with Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® is done in the same manner as heavy-duty vinyl wallcovering with one exception; when bending around an outside corner, wet the face of the prefinished Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® with clean water and a clean lint-free rag. The moisture added will make the wallcovering supple and allow the wood to bend around the corner without breaking. Follow these same steps for an inside corner as well. If the corner is not straight and true, please contact your Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® distributor for additional instructions. Only wrap corners long grain. Do not try to wrap corners cross grain.

Air bubbles must be removed and installation errors must be corrected before adhesive dries. Good lighting will greatly assist in seeing bubbles and other installation problems. After installing three (3) sheets of Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering®, inspect the material for proper installation. If problems occur, STOP IMMEDIATELY and contact the local Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® Distributor. Proceeding beyond this point will be done at the installer's risk and will absolve Real Wood Veneers LLC and the local Real Wood Veneers Distributor and Roman Decorating Products of all responsibility.

Test Area for Approval

At no additional cost to the owner, the Wallcovering Installation Contractor shall install not less than three (3) full-width sheets of each pattern specified, in an area designated by the Architect, Designer or Owner. The test installation area shall be reviewed for conformance to the manufacturer's standard installation instructions and recommended adhesives. Only the Architect, Designer or Owner shall approve the test installation. The Contractor shall replace any unsatisfactory sheets as directed and until the test area is accepted by the Architect, Designer or Owner.

Use of an unspecified adhesive, primer or any additional finishes will VOID the manufacturer's warranty at time of installation. Future problems that may occur as a result of incorrect installation procedures are not the responsibility of Real Wood Veneers LLC., or any of their distributors.

The approved test area shall remain as part of the finished installation work and as a standard of comparison for the installation throughout the project. The Contractor shall not install specified material beyond the test area prior to the approval of the test area, by the Architect, Designer or Owner. Proceeding beyond this point will be done at the installer's risk and will absolve Real Wood Veneers LLC and the local Real Wood Veneers’ Distributor and Roman Decorating Products of all responsibility.

Preparing the Wall Surface: New Drywall

All drywall finishing should comply with Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries-International (AWCI), Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) specifications, Level 4 or Level 5 as a guide. By incorporating the appropriate Level of Finish of the recommended specification into the project documents, the architect, general contractor, and building owner can better anticipate the final appearance of the decorative wall or ceilings covered with Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering®. “All joints and interior angles shall have tape embedded in joint compound and three separate coats of joint compound applied over all joints, angles, fastener heads, and accessories.” All surfaces shall be clean, smooth and dry prior to applying primer and the application of Real Wood Veneers’.

Painted Drywall: Alkyd/Oil Surface

Surfaces painted with alkyd/oil paint will not allow the moisture to be absorbed into the drywall. Therefore, a wall liner must be applied before proceeding with hanging Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering®. Allow sufficient time for the moisture in the adhesive used to install the wall-liner to evaporate and cure. Contact your Real Wood Veneers’ distributor for recommendations for wall liners.

Contact Adhesive over Non-Porous Surfaces:

Substrates that may require the use of contact adhesive are: painted metal, stainless steel, plastic laminate and other non-porous surfaces. Never use contact adhesive on drywall or plaster.

  • 1. Preparation: Always be sure that both surfaces are clean and free of all dust. The Real Wood Veneers material and the substrate of choice should be stored in the same surroundings for 48 hours before starting the installation. This will allow both products to acclimatize together before bonding.
  • 2. Adhesive: When using a contact adhesive, always use 100% coverage on both the back of the veneer sheet and the face of the substrate. Let the adhesive have the correct amount of dry open time. (Insufficient adhesive coverage or open time can cause bubbling.) The time can vary depending on the airflow around your work area, ambient temperature and humidity at the time of installation. Follow all instructions on the label of the contact adhesive being used.
  • 3. Bonding: When contact adhesive is being used the best method of pressure is a lot of pressure all at one time. This pressure can be reached by using an acrylic smoothing tool covered with a felt cloth when using prefinished Real Wood Veneers’ sheets. (Do not use a J-Roller for applying pressure.) Starting in the center of the surface to be bonded, pull the smoother toward you going with the grain. Apply pressure with both hands, pushing down as hard as possible. Keep doing this as you move over 3- 4 inches at a time until you have rubbed down the entire surface.
  • 4. Time: Don't rush your work. For contact cement to work, a chemical reaction must take place. This reaction produces gas and you need to allow this gas to escape from the edges. Many jobs appear perfect and then blisters start to appear. Reasons for this may include: 1) Insufficient adhesive coverage; 2) Not enough pressure was applied to form an intimate bond; 3) Insufficient amount of open time.



  • DO NOT use oil-based primers or Install over oil-based paints
  • DO NOT install Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® over solid lumber substrates or existing wallcoverings
  • DO NOT use contact adhesive over drywall
  • DO NOT use clear or clear strippable wallcovering adhesives
  • DO NOT dilute clay-based adhesive with water
  • DO NOT cut through the surface paper of the drywall during installation
  • DO NOT sand wood face of Real Wood Veneers Wallcovering® with sandpaper even if repairs of scratches are required.



    If you have any questions regarding the installation procedures herein, contact your local Real Wood Veneers Distributor or call Real Wood Veneers LLC at 844-307-9571 before beginning the installation of this product.

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