Real Wood Veneers HPL by AAM are available in over 100 different species.

Real Wood Veneers HPL®

Real Wood Veneers HPL® is a prefinished real wood veneer laminate with a protective film that can be applied with the same ease as a HPL laminate. Real Wood Veneers HPL® features natural wood and recon wood. Recon technology eliminates many natural imperfections typically found in wood veneer and it allows for the creation of nearly identical sheets in volume quantities. It is supplied on a standard lamimate backer and prefinished with a polyurethane topcoat.

Real Wood Veneers HPL-U® is unfinished for staining and finishing by others post fabrication.

Real Wood Veneers HPL-ML® comprises a melaminic overlay

There are over 100 species to select from, with fast turn around on customs such as dye's and textures. Real Wood Veneers HPLR is supplied as standard in 4' x 10' and 4' x 8' sheets. Custom sheet sizes are available.

Real Wood Veneers Teak FC


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CSI Specification: Real Wood Veneers - HPL

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Standard Species

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Fabrication / Tech Data

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Real Wood Veneers HPL® - Fabrication

Storage & Handling

Examine all sheets of Real Wood Veneers HPL® upon receipt for quality and compliance with the approved specification before storing or starting fabrication. Any shortage of material must be reported within two (2) days after receipt of material and prior to commencement of installation.

The fabricator must verify that the correct specified species of HPL is present. Furthermore, the fabricator must also review the fabrication instructions that accompany each delivery of HPL. If there is failure to follow the specifier's finish schedule Real Wood Veneers LLC., and our distributors, assume NO responsibility for any incorrect fabrication methods, incorrect species numbers and species grains that are fabricated in the wrong orientation or out of sequence.

Real Wood Veneers' HPL should be stored horizontally, face to face, at a moderate ambient temperature, normally 72 F and relative humidity of approximately 60%. Real Wood Veneers' HPL must be completely protected from sunlight or incandescent light with a dark, non- transparent product. The entire sheets of the veneer must be covered. This will protect the sheet from any color change do to the exposure of UV light, natural or artificial. Care should be taken to avoid bending or cracking if the sheets are to be rolled. Rolling against the grain may cause the veneer to crack, and should be done with care. It is not recommended that the veneer be stored in rolls.

Protective Film

Real Wood Veneers HPL® is supplied with a clear protective film. We recommend that you leave the film on the surface while working the veneer. Color uniformity and quality checks should be carried out on the sheets before working with the veneer. The protective film is clear enough that you may inspect the material without removing the film. When in doubt peel the film in the area, or up to the area that is suspect.


Real Wood Veneers HPL® may be laminated with many of the conventional adhesives normally used with plastic laminates. A good vinyl adhesive is recommended for a stronger bond. A cold or hot press is recommended when working with the vinyl type adhesives. This type of adhesive may reduce dimensional movements that can be caused by changes in temperature or humidity. Always check with your adhesive supplier to make sure that the adhesive you select is suitable for your application. The adhesive manufacturer’s instructions must be followed as to the use of the adhesive and the preparation of the substrate. It is recommended that you check your adhesive system with a Real Wood Veneers' HPL sample. Solvent based contact cements and water-based contact cements may also be used for bonding Real Wood Veneers HPL®.


Proper substrates must be used and careful bonding procedures must be observed. Real Wood Veneers HPL® may be laminated to most substrates if the proper adhesive is used. Typical substrates would be plywood, MDF, particleboard, and rigid plastics.

The more resistant the substrates are to dimensional change (shrinking and expansion from changes in humidity and temperature) the better the result. The substrate must be smooth and free of grease, wax, dust, oil, silicones, and other foreign matter. All raised areas must be sanded or filled so that the surface is smooth. The substrate must be uniform in thickness.

Finish all edges to help prevent moisture absorption. Use adequate drying time to ensure that the solvents (or water if you use a water-based adhesive) can evaporate. Also use adequate ventilation as a health aid.

Allow Real Wood Veneers HPL® sheets and the substrate to acclimate to the same ambient conditions (temperature and humidity) for a minimum of 48 hours prior to lamination. The laminated parts should be stored for at least 48 hours before exposure to extreme temperature and humidity changes. We recommend the use of a balancing sheet. This will help prevent warping or cupping of the sheet.

Substrate Preparation

A warm and dry storage environment must be provided for Real Wood Veneers' HPL, substrates and adhesives prior to fabrication and installation. A normal temperature of 75° F and a relative humidity of 45 to 50% provide ideal storage conditions. We recommend that Real Wood Veneers HPL® sheets, and the adhesives and substrates they are to be bonded to remain in the same environment for a period of five to seven days for optimal pre-conditioning. A minimum of 48 hours is recommended for pre-conditioning.

Following these recommendations will allow the adhesive to create a strong and firm bond between the substrate and Real Wood Veneers HPL® which will minimize potential dimensional change after lamination.

Cutting & Machining

Panel saws, table saws may be used to cut Real Wood Veneers HPL® before or after lamination. Routers for trimming edges after bonding must have a smooth, clean base plate, so that the surface of the veneer will not be scratched. Use carbide-tipped bits with ball bearing guide rolls. Keep the bits sharp. Drilling into Real Wood Veneers HPL® may be done with standard wood bits or with router bits. Use a flat, smooth or fine file for a final edge finishing. You may consider applying a light or dark stain to the edge to hide the phenolic line.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Real Wood Veneers' HPL Veneer may be cleaned with a soft cloth using mild soap and water or non-abrasive glass and wood cleaning products. Do not use abrasive cleaners, pads, or harsh solvents. Do not allow any solvent to come in contact with the surface. Accidental spills, splatters or over sprays should be wiped off immediately with a soft cloth and mild soap. If done immediately the solvents should not have an effect on the veneer. Alcohol, ammonia and other light solvents may be used for tougher stains.

Limited Warranty

The technical information contained here and all related documents released by Real Wood Veneers' HPL are believed to be reliable. Real Wood Veneers' HPL disclaims the creation of any expressed or implied warranty including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to Real Wood Veneers' HPL products. In all cases, users must determine the suitability of such products for a particular use and shall assume the risk and liability whatsoever in connection herewith. Since we exercise no control in handling, storage, application and use of these products or the products of others with which they are used in combination, no warranty, express or implied, is made as to the results and effect of their use.

The user must establish his or her procedures and verify the finish of any product to be the one as ordered before use. We recommend testing all procedures before beginning production or installation. Buyers exclusive remedy for a loss or claim resulting from the use of Real Wood Veneers' HPL products shall be by replacement of product proven to be defective. In no event shall the Seller be liable for and special, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages.

Additionally, we recommend that you inspect the material before cutting or laminating. If any material proves to be defective, Real Wood Veneers' LLC will be liable for the cost of that material only. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

If you have any questions regarding the fabrication procedures herein, contact your local Real Wood Veneers Distributor or call Real Wood Veneers LLC at 844-307-9571 before beginning the fabrication of this product.

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