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Architectural Panel Systems by AAM are available in range of different panel types, system types and configurations.

  • Panel Types refers to the material used to fabricate the panel; real wood veneers, high pressure laminate etc.
  • Panel Options refers to the physical characteristics of the panel; flat,curved, acoustical.
  • System Types refers to the attachments system that connects the panels to the wall.
  • Configuration refers to the Panel Type,Panel Options and System Type combined with the panel layout and dimensions
facade panel system


Façade is a non progressive steel frame system that enables the attachment of vitually any panel type with multiple thicknesses, shapes and optional characteristics in the same elevation. The system options include stand-off arrangements allowing the panels to be pushed away from the wall to accomodate utilities and services behind the panels. Additonally partial weight transfer to the floor enables heavy panels to be supported without compromising the integrity of the wall. Panel Types with backlighting and acoustical absorption are both available on this system.

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GRID is an aluminum frame system that is progressive with the ability to remove inividual panels where necessary. Panel Types include HPL, Real Wood Veneer, Phenolic and CompactWood®

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Parqwall is designed by Abet Laminati and manufactured in North AMerica by AAM. Similar to GRID, it is a progressive aluminum frame system with a arange of reveal options that inlcudes a retail attachment option. The system is designed to support Abet HPL and Abet Phenolic panels.

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