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8mm Compact Panels

EJ Thomas Hall, University of Akron

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White Gloss SoloCore®

The Flatts, Cleveland

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Carbon Zero HPL

Springfield, MO.

Dan Cava

CarbonZero® HPL Metals

Toyota Dealership

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CarbonZero® HPL

Atlas Copco, Detroit

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Retail Solutions

Exterior CompactWood® "S" Planks

Why Choose Us? Here's what makes us the best in the world at providing HPL Decorative Surfaces

Cutting Edge

Unique texture registration such as REAL Tech-Veneers, coatings, sheet sizes and thicknesses delivers ultra realistic natural appearance and compelling fabrication possibilities.

Multiple Solutions

Decorative surfaces to suit any environment or use; Thin, Thick, Interior, Exterior, UV and Weather Resistant, Scratch Resistant, Waterproof, Dri-wipe, Lab Grade, Magnetic, Duramatte......

Carbon Neutral

We are Carbon Neutral. Our products & processes utilize 85% renewable energy,we capture 2000 tonnes of CO2 annually, and we've planted 500 acres of trees to reduce C02.


Unlimited Options

More woods, metals, solid colors, abstracts and texture options than any other provider in the world. The fastest and most reliable sampling and mock-up service.Global network of fabricators and distributors.

  •   2825 Commerce Parkway
         North Port, FL 34289
  •   +1.844.307.9571
  •   +1.844.307.9571