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CarbonZero HPL® Metal Laminate

Metallic Laminates, or "Metals" as we call them at Carbon Zero HPL®, are real metal foils laminated to a phenolic core, thereby providing the fabrication efficiency of a high pressure decorative laminate with the pureness of real metal.

CarbonZero HPL® Metals are designed for vertical and light duty horizontal interior applications such as retail facilities, restaurants, hotel and office lobbies, theatres and where special accent is required.

CarbonZero HPL® Metals is not recommended for high wear countertop applications, such as kitchen countertops; should not be used for exterior applications, in areas exposed to water, constant high humidity, excessive moisture, or temperature over 140ºF (60ºC) for prolonged periods of time. The surface of the laminate is protected with a protective peel coat which should be removed after all works have been completed.

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