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CarbonZero HPL® Lab Grade

Carbon Zero HPL® Lab Grade is a high pressure laminate produced with patented technology for surfaces that are exposed to the most stringent and demanding applications in the health sector, the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, hospitals and clinics that use and manipulate cleaners, disinfectants or strong chemicals. Similarly, in the food industry, food processing plants, commercial kitchens, oxidizing environments and maintenance rooms.

Carbon Zdero HPL® Lab Grade's chemical resistance offers excellent performance in corrosive environments and resistance to scratching and staining, product of electron beam technology, makes it the ideal surface for extreme working conditions. Lab Grade provides excellent resistance to acids, salts, pigments, organic solvents and many other agents non of which alter the surface according to the stricktest European Standard.

Data Sheet


  • Thickness

    From 2/64” to 1” (2 mm to 25 mm), single face and double face, brown or black core. Other thicknesses can be manufactured upon request.

  • Sheet Sizes

    4' x 8' (1220 x 2440mm) and 4' x 10' (1220 x 3060mm)

  • Surface Textures


  • Non Porous

    Porosity free, allowing easy cleaning and preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria. Moisture Resistant.

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