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CarbonZero HPL® Duramatte® Laminate

Due to its composition, DuraMatte finish contributes to the high impact resistance of HPL. It is easy to clean and exhibits anti fingerprint qualities and is a SUPER MATTE finish.

DuraMatte has a soft-touch feel. Although the DuraMatte has very high scratch resistance, performance factors such as hard/permanent use of abrasive utensils or contact with very hot items can damage the surface. Protective film is a must from factory to application, and careful handling such as with high gloss laminates should prevail.

CarbonZero DuraMatte HPL

CarbonZero HPL® DuraMatte has a slightly lower resistance to scratches than our standard High Pressure Laminates but is much more scratch resistant than the the lacquers and varnishes that are usually used to give super matte finishes.

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