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CarbonZero HPL® Exterior Compact / Phenolic

Carbon Zero HPL® CompactX is a thermostable architectural panel used as exterior facade cladding with a wide range of colors, patterns and woods. Available in multiple and thicknesses, CompactX guarantees an excellent appearance for a long time.

CompactX is a laminate manufactured from cellulose fibers impregnated with thermosetting resins, subjecting it to high pressures and temperatures. During the process, the resins are cured and the material is compacted into a monolithic plate that becomes inert. This provides the material with excellent physical, mechanical and structural properties that make it a high performance material.

CompactX has more than 120 solid colors, woods and patterns, with UV filters which ensure the stability of their appearance. It's sealed surface has nonstick properties, which prevent dirt accumulation and facilitate cleaning. Subject to conditions of outdoor environments it is highly resistant to pollutants, sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, large temperature changes, extreme cold and water in outdoor conditions

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For Horizontal exterior applications, CompactX2 is the solution. witha ll the properties pf CompactX, CompactX2 has a special added ingredient that delivers a much more durable and scratch resistantb surface, perfect for exterior tables and furnishings.The color range for CompactX2 can be found here.

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    70% of wood fibers from completely renewable sources, treated with 30% thermosetting resins.


    Protection against U.V.rays, guaranteeing stability of color over time.


    It does not suffer any kind of pest attack, nor does it allow the proliferation of bacteria that may affect its physical characteristics or deteriorate its appearance.


    Inert material, preventing the growth of fungi, moss or on the surface.


    It acts independently as thermal and acoustic insulation.


    Symmetrical structure filter with anti-stick properties to facilitate the removal of paints.


    Self-supporting properties even with large perforated areas in the design.


    Floating fixing systems, independent of the main structure of the building, allowing greater control of movement of the facade planes.


    The top or bottom edges can be milled at an angle, allowing water to flow towards the back.

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