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CarbonZero HPL® Compact / Phenolic

CarbonZero HPL® Compact or Pheniolic is a thick solid high pressure laminate panel. Thanks to its exceptional qualities of strength and durability it is ideally suited for horizontal and vertical high demand applications. Compact is offered in a wide range of designs including Solid colors, woods, abstracts and digital designs.

Carbon Zero HPL® Compact is ideal for eco-friendly or sustainable architecture projects. It is made with fibers from sustainably grown forests and it has been FSC certified

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Due to its composition and physical properties, Compact offers great advantages:

  • Highly Durable

    Does not degrade and it is unaffected by water or moisture.

  • Easy Clean Up

    Can be cleaned with all kinds of non-abrasive liquid detergents, disinfectants and solvents commonly used.

  • Inert Material

    It presents no fungal growth, bacteria or other organisms harmful to health.

  • Custom Decors

    Customize the digital printing surfaces to create new designs to achieve advertising and image-recall.


    It is easily assembled to bases or structures of different materials, using bolts and inserts to achieve mechanical fastening, or by using adhesives.


    It can be produced in different thicknesses, dimensions and shapes. It can be Custom designed to order.


    Self-supporting properties even with large perforated areas in the design.


    The top or bottom edges can be milled at an angle, allowing water to flow towards the back.


Compact is the most versatile product. Applications include:

  • Tables

    Tables for coffee shops and food courts for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Counters

    Industrial, commercial and household kitchen counters.Countertops for customer service, transaction counters and bars.

  • Furniture

    Furniture for public use such as hitel bedroom furniture, office furniture etc.

  • Lab Furniture

    Laboratory furniture surfaces, resistance to various chemicals (Lab Grade).

  • Wall Panels

    Wall Panels for high traffic areas in airports, hospitals and schools

  • Wet Lockers

    Lockers and cabinetry for high humid and wet areas such as swimming pools etc.

  • Restroom Compartments

    SToilet Cubicles and shower cubicles where high traffic and abuse is expected.

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