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CarbonZero HPL® Standard Laminate Types

CarbonZero HPL® has created different grades of laminate to meet certain performance characteristics. Select from the menu on the left to learn more about the special performance characteristics of each type of laminate we produce. Detailed below is our standard product offering.

CarbonZero HPL® is the world's first HPL manufactured Carbon Neutral. This incredibly compelling Green Story is accompanied by beautiful color palletes, technologically advanced performance characteristics and a global distribution, fabrication and installation network. With Carbon Zero HPL®, you don't just pick a color, you specify a total design solution. CarbonZero HPL Lamninate Swatch

  • HGS (1.2mm / 0.048")

    Horizontal Grade Standard (HGS) is designed for both horizontal and vertical interior standard applications where the surface must be durable and decorative. Edges of components are square. Most often used for work surfaces on vanities, counters, desks and tables.

  • VGP (0.8mm Nominal)

    Vertical Grade Postforming (VGP) designed for vertical or light duty horizontal interior applications where a durable decorative and functional surface must absorb less impact than a comparable horizontal surface. Usual applications to doors and drawer panels as well as surface cabinet walls and architectural wall cladding.

  • HGP (1.0mm / 0.039")

    Horizontal Grade Postforming (HGP) is intended for use on postformed horizontal and vertical interior applications where forming is desired for functional or a decorative purpose. Use whenever curve edges are desired in interior applications such as counters, desktops, and cabinet doors.

  • HGB / VGB

    Horizontal Grade or Vertical Grade Non decorative surface; light duty interior use backing sheets for balance and moisture control of laminate panels. The use of backing sheets provides dimensional stability to the final surface, reducing the probability of warping. It has a brown or black color finish and can be sanded one side or both.

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